Corrugate Box – Stock and Ship Program

by camblog on August 28, 2012

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Is your business looking for ways to:

  • Order fewer cartons or sheet stock?
  • Free up storage or operational space?
  • Improve cash flow?
  • Reduce vendors?
  • Reduce inventory holding costs?
  • Improve efficiency?

Through our “Stock and Ship” program, cam|industrial supply can help address all of these needs.

How does it work?

Through discussions and site visits we review your corrugate consumption patterns and inventory levels to identify opportunities where onsite inventories can be reduced. All costs are considered when determining appropriate inventory levels including; item cost, acquisition cost, holding costs, and any other relevant costs.

We then develop a program specific to your company that includes:

  • Inventory Quantities, (our facility and your facility)
    • Minimums
    • Reorder points
    • Reorder quantities
    • Seasonality concerns
  • Ordering
    • Frequency
    • Method, (phone, on-line, fax, email)
    • Cross reference numbers (your item numbers)
    • Purchase order requirements
  • Delivery
    • Expectations, i.e. same day, next day
    • Locations
    • Contacts
    • Documentation
  • Invoicing
    • Frequency
    • Purchase order format
    • Method (electronic, fax, mail)
    • Proof of Delivery requirements
  • Reporting
    • Frequency
    • People
    • Types, (usage, inventory, performance, etc)
    • Format, (online, email, printed)
  • Pricing
    • Contract
    • Volume discounts

Why does it work?

Our manufacturing partners offer a substantial discount based on our annual volumes from consolidating hundreds of individual corrugate users. Further discounts are provided to compensate for the value added services and financial risks we undertake on their behalf. These discounts allow us to be competitively priced versus purchasing directly from manufactures.

We have strong expertise in designing corrugate containers with a focus on problem solving and adding value. During our analysis, we are often able to identify design changes that reduce costs or solve existing packaging problems.

Customers are able to conserve space, cash flow, time, and energy on corrugate and utilize those resources on better opportunities.

The program is designed to be simple, easy to use, and to eliminate errors, allowing new people or occasional users to take over when need be.

Inventories are closely managed and always available from inventory when needed, eliminating costly stock out situations.


  • You only pay for what stock you receive
    • This is very beneficial for your businesses cash flow
  • Space saving
    • Saving money for pallet positions and floor space
  • Space can be used for other company needs
    • That space can be transformed from costing money to creating money
    • New product lines, increase their inventories, item control
  • Cost of down time
    • We never run out of your boxes so you virtually will never have down time because of insufficient box stock

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