Designing Safe Pallet Racking Systems

by camblog on December 16, 2014

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Designing Pallet Racking

This article was written collaboratively here at CAM Industrial. That’s appropriate, because safety is everyone’s business. So why isn’t everyone in the industry preventing accidents? People get hurt in warehouses every day, and many of these accidents could be prevented through 1) intelligent design; and, 2) preventative maintenance that keeps systems in top shape.

As far as smart design is concerned, lead with the essentials: Gather accurate capacity information, plan adequate aisle space and the use the right depth-to-height ratios. Make sure the system is designed for the type and volume of materials you’re moving…and for your target velocities and throughput. From there, we respectfully suggest you read this article, as we’ve loaded it with information to help you design a safe system.

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