Frazier Structural Steel Racking Now Available at Cam Industrial Supply

by camblog on March 19, 2012

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Heavy Duty Racking Choice

cam|industrial supply is excited to announce that we now are an official distributor for Frazier Structural Steel Storage Systems. Frazier has been designing and manufacturing Structural Steel (SS) racking since 1949, and is recognized as North America’s leading manufacturer of structural steel storage systems.

The addition of the structural racking to our product mix allows us to provide viable solutions to some of the more challenging storage needs.

Structural steel racking is typically more expensive initially, but is more suitable and provides the best value in many applications. Its inherent design makes it far more resistant to damage than standard roll formed racking while also providing higher capacities. SS racking retains its capacity far better when damaged and is usually repairable without needing to be removed or replaced, yielding an overall lower total cost of ownership in the longer run.

If your business operates with some of the following circumstances then structural racking may be a good fit.

  1. High Volume OperationsIncreased forklift traffic increases the likelihood of damage to the system. High volume operations often also have an increased need for flexibility in design, which also suits SS racking.
  2. Heavy Loads – Standard SS racking offers significantly higher load capacities than roll formed racking. To match the capacities of SS racking, rolled formed racks require a combination of heavier gauge steel, additional strutting, or even often double posting, eliminating the cost advantage of the roll formed design. Even with matched capacities, roll formed racking will not resist damage as effectively as SS racking.
  3. Tight Working Areas – Congested warehouses and tight aisles often lead to damaged racking as forklift operators try to navigate the storage system and meet productivity objectives. Slant-back frames offered by Frazier can dramatically prevent / reduce damages in these situations as they give the forklift operator more working room at the floor level.
  4. High Ceilings – High warehouse ceilings provide the opportunity to incorporate more storage levels per bay of racking, which results in higher load capacity requirements for the end frames. Again, SS racking is often the most economical way of achieving these required capacities vs. heavily modified roll formed racking, while also providing superior impact resistance and ease of repair.
  5. History of Damage – Warehouses that have a history of damages to their racking systems should consider SS racking. It should be every company’s policy to record and investigate all damages to their system and implement processes, procedures, and protection to prevent them from happening again, however even well designed and protected systems can be vulnerable, particularly with employee turnover and inexperience operators.
  6. Safety is a Priority – When safety is your number one priority, Structural racking is your best option for ultimate reliability and peace of mind.


Why is Structural Racking Stronger?

Structural Steel rack is fabricated from hot steel which is rolled to make I beams and C channels.  SS rack connects the I beams and C channels by either bolts or welds and sometimes both.  Heavy duty horizontal braces and foot plates come standard on all structural steel pallet rack.  Having a horizontal brace lower down on the rack increases strength and capacity of the rack structure.  This creates a very structurally secure body that can handle more abuse than normal forms of racking.

In comparison, roll formed racking uses lighter gauge / thinner coils of cold steel to substantially reduce costs.  The steel is unwound then rolled and bent into various shapes which give the thin wall steel additional strength. It is the multiple bends and turns in the steel that give it the capacity to withstand loading. The thin steel can be compared to a piece of paper. Without folding a piece of paper, it is impossible to stand a piece on its own, (try it), but with folds and bends the paper can stand upright on its own. Depending on how well it is folded it may even be able to support some weight.

As previously stated, Structural steel rack can hold up to 90% of its weight capacity when damaged.  In most cases, it can also be repaired back to 100% capacity, with minimal effort.  

Frazier Accessories and Options

To further enhance the safety and protection of the racking system several options are available from Frazier such as rub rails, row end protectors, post protectors, and slant-back frames.

If any of the above information applies to a current or future project at your facility, take structural steel racking into consideration.  With higher durability, strength and stability, structural steel rack may be a better fit for your situation than other racking solutions.  We can work with you to assess your needs and help determine if Structural Steel Racking is a good fit for your facility and operating conditions.

Frazier Structural Steel Rack is now available from cam|industrial supply.

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