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by camblog on May 22, 2012

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Kal Tire is an environmentally conscious company that is continually looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. Kal Tire’s 7th Aim, which represent their core values, specifically identifies the need to respect the environment.

As part of their environmental assessment, Kal Tire identified that there was substantial corrugate and plastic waste material being generated in their warehouse and disposed to the landfill. Looking for a way to reduce their environmental impact in this area, Kal Tire came to cam|industrial looking for a solution.

Every month large quantities of cardboard and plastic are used in their warehouse operations.  A few noticeable issues began to arise from the build-up of these materials.  The first issue was the cost of bi-weekly disposal.  Secondly, storing it for 2 weeks at a time was beginning to create a space issue.  And worst of all, their recycle bins could not hold much material and a great deal was being thrown away.  Something had to be done not only to bring down this cost but to reduce waste.

Working with Kal Tire, cam|industrial identified three major issues:

  • Environmental Impact – It was estimated that 100,000 – 150,000 lbs. of recyclable material was going to landfill annually
  • Disposal Costs –Waste bins were being picked up every two weeks costing $700 / month or $8,500 annually
  • Space Considerations – Often more material was being generated than could be held in the bins and as such waste materials were accumulating inside the warehouse between bin pick-ups.

The solution was the Marathon V6030-HD Baler combined with a recycling program.  The baler is able to compact large quantities of material, save space and virtually eliminates the bin removal cost.

To date, the baler has compacted 66,000 lbs. of plastic and 69,000 lbs. of cardboard.  Bales weighing anywhere from 800-1200 lbs. are stored until their monthly disposal.  The bin no longer has any use and the recycling situation only needs to be monitored once a month.

Space was the second issue.  Bales can be stored and left for a short period of time until they are able to be recycled.  With their compact size, these bales can be easily set aside and wait to be taken each month.

The bales of recycled cardboard are sold to a local recycler who takes it and uses it in paper production.  Through the recycling program Kal Tire has effectively removed all of the cardboard that previously went to a landfill.

Kris Jacobsen at Kal Tire said himselfWe are helping the environment and it is not costing us nearly as much as if we threw the materials away. The baler has been paid for from cost savings and the rest of the costs are being paid by dumping the bin less and by receiving small amounts of money for our cardboard. With a little more effort, and with the smaller cost to Kal Tire, we are protecting the environment and efficiently storing and removing our waste materials. The baler is working great

cam|industrial is pleased to have implemented a solution that not only decreased cost, created value and saved space but did it all while keeping the planet in mind.  We are happy to have worked with Kal Tire on this project and look forward to working with them in the future.

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