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by camblog on April 18, 2012

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When Best Environmental Technologies approached Cam Industrial to provide a box that would hold up during packaging and transportation.   Their main goal was to create a box that once in the hands of their end users, would be in good condition and identifiable.  Seemed like a slam dunk… just build a stronger box!  Not so fast.


Best Environmental Technologies is a leader in the agricultural market place.  They are committed to working with nature to restore natural ecosystems.  Their purpose is to create solutions, technologies, and products that are environmentally friendly and acceptable to global communities.  Operating in 9 countries around the world, Best Environmental was founded in 1999 and has grown to a global company in just over a decade.

The Issue

Two of Best Environmental’s most popular products are a Seed Germination Fertilizer and a Soil Rejuvenation product.  Both products are packaged in a 10 litre plastic container.  Best Environmental packages two 10 litre containers per box and uses the same size box for both seed and soil products.

The products are heavy and employees were continuously ripping the handle from the force of moving the box from place to place.  To control the problem, employees were taping the handles in the area where it was tearing for a short term solution, or replacing the box outright.  This highlighted obvious issues:

  1. Lost productivity for time used to repair or replace the damaged box.
  2. Increased material costs (tape and/or additional boxes).
  3. The overall aesthetics of a torn box when it reached the consumer does not represent the quality of the product contained therein.

Overall, time and money was being lost, and at times the product arrived in an unattractive state.  The product was not consistently being represented in a fashion that reflected the values of the company.

Our Solution

The first thing that needed to be corrected was the recurring tearing of the box handle.  By implementing a reinforced synthetic strip just above the box handle, strength and durability were added.  This strip circles the entire box and is applied at the corrugator between the box liners, making it invisible to the naked eye.

The box was also sized down to a single wall rather than a double wall.  There was no need to provide a thicker wall as the threat of puncture was not an issue.  By downsizing the box wall thickness and putting the saved cost towards a durable handle, the box could now perform as intended, while keeping the cost down.

Teaming Up

While Cam Industrial was improving the construction of the box, Best Environmental and Odvod Media were undertaking a project of their own.  They were in the process of designing and implementing a new logo which would better represent their brand.  The program extended to the development of new labels for their product containers with the hopes of developing new labels for their boxes as well.  It was soon after that Best Environmental, Odvod Media, and Cam Industrial met to discuss how the new and improved image could be transferred to the box.

Solution #2

With Odvod Media handling the design and layout for new box labels, it was Cam Industrial’s part to determine what kind of label, and how it would be attached, that would be best suited for the application. Cam provided Odvod a CAD drawing for the art layout and were instructed to 522mm x 1182mm, printed on 80lb coated gloss text, process colour (CMYK) they added the overall gloss UV. That upgraded it that much more.

This label gets applied onto the 522mm x 1182mm corrugated sheet containing the reinforced strip and then a box is completed.

The Result

By listening to the issues Best Environmental Technologies were experiencing, and partnering up with another vendor in Odvod Media, Cam Industrial was able to provide a  box which decreased cost, increased usability, and properly represented the high quality products from Best Environmental Technologies.

(Old Box Design)                               (New Box Design)



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